When you have set up your website, you need to make sure that you can keep it in working order at all times or lose prospects or customers.

For this reason, we have developed a backup plugin, which will allow you to regularly perform a complete backup of your WordPress site and database in order to be able to restore it in the event of a problem.

The current version will be improved soon to allow you to choose which folders you want to backup, and create multiple backup files to limit the size of each backup.

Why save your website ?

Even if you don’t think your site is of much interest to a hacker, it still remains a target. If your site were to be hacked, you will no longer be able to communicate with your prospects or customers, and you will have to redo all the presentations you have already made, involving wasted time, and financial loss.

When save your website ?

There is no hard and fast rule, which depends in particular on how often your offers are updated. For an e-commerce site with a lot of visits, a daily backup is the minimum necessary. For a site updated a few times a week, a backup once or twice a week may be sufficient. If your site does not change much, a monthly backup may be sufficient …

With my plugin, the backup frequency is fully adaptable to your

Why choose our backup plugin ?

Our solution offers you several options according to your needs :

  • Perform a manual backup of your content
  • Perform an automatic backup, with sending an email containing the links to download for the backups created
  • Carry out the automatic transfer of your backup to an FTP server that you can configure.

For a better management of your website, we offer this backup plugin FREE.

We can also offer you the rental of a space on one of our servers to perform this backup.

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What price for these WordPress backup options ?

We offer you 1 single price: FREE

We have decided to remove the paid options and make them free to allow you to get the most out of your website with complete peace of mind.

You can also carry out a lifetime update of the plugin, to take advantage of all the evolutions by coming back regularly to visit our site.

Our plugin is 100% secure :

  • The names of the backup files are randomly generated
  • The backups are deleted as they are
  • If the transfer to an FTP site is successful, the backup is immediately deleted

The backup can be used without the need for recovery assistance :

  • The ZIP file of the program contains all of the site’s files (WordPress core, plugins, themes, images, …)
  • To restore the program part, you just have to transfer all the files to your site with a software such as Filezilla
  • The database ZIP file contains all the tables
  • You just need to connect to your database server (phpMyAdmin) to import the tables
  • Once these 2 operations have been carried out, your site is 100% functional, without any other manipulation

Parametres de sauvegarde WordPress
Résultat d'exécution de backup site WordPress

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