The question of writing articles in WordPress on a regular basis is a recurrence of all people who have a website at their disposal.

The objective of your website is to replace or supplement easily and efficiently your presentation brochures and advertising leaflets.

This request is accompanied by an organizational and editorial problem with limiting thoughts.

1. Writing an article in WordPress, it takes time

Indeed, writing an article regularly takes a little time. Like any act of business development, to develop your business, you have to spend time. Commercial development also involves developing content on its website.

Updating its website must be a routine that fits into the weekly schedule of anyone looking to develop their turnover, as well as canvassing, administrative monitoring, monitoring of sites and orders, ..

However, WordPress being an online website, it is available everywhere. So all you have to do is connect to your administration backoffice from your phone to write your article during your wasted time: transport trip, waiting room for a medical appointment, … And even if your network is not available, nothing prevents you from writing the text in a notepad, to put it online later with a simple copy and paste.

A high frequency of publication is not a goal in itself either. It is preferable to have full articles regularly (once a week; once or twice by me; … according to your possibilities), on rich subjects with interesting and attractive content for your visitors.

To help you, these articles can be written by outsiders: bloggers, enthusiasts, associations, customer reviews, etc..

2. What is the point of writing an article on the internet ?

Writing an article on your website is another way of doing business and which makes it possible to attract customers and prospects to your site and to present work carried out, results obtained, or services or products available to customers.

By writing your article correctly, it will give visibility to your website for specific searches of your potential customers.

The goal is to attract prospects by writing interesting content, and so that they can discover your activity and want to contact you to finalize their project with you.

These articles also allow your prospects to see your achievements, and therefore gain confidence in signing a quote with your company rather than another.

If you don’t feel like a copywriter, you can hire the services of a community manager or a web editor who will manage these different publications at the pace that suits you according to the budget you want to allocate to this. development.

If you want to know more, Do not hesitate to contact me

We will see in a future article how to help your website gain visibility.

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